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  1. BreakingBarriers was a truly motivating experience for me as an aspiring writer and a budding entrepreneur. The panel members were one among the whole lot of enthusiastic women present in the meetup. Their success stories and travails gave me the strength to say “do not fear, the horizon is not far from sight”. These insights and lessons en route setting up ones own venture was a reinforcement of the strength of a woman.

    The participants were an equally enthusiastic lot.

    Appreciate womensweb in making this happen! Kudos!! Proud to be associated with you all.

  2. This was my first experience as a budding entrepreneur to attend such a event which made me feel and think that where I’m heading is totally right with the right kind of inspiration, motivation and the learnings that I got through this event.
    I am very thankful to womensweb for organising such an event. Awaiting for the next one to come.

  3. It was an amazing event, lot of networking and learnings.Actually i have attended this event of womens web for the first​ time but would love to attend more. Looking forward for next event.

  4. This was my second womens web event & I am so happy I attended it. I am a complete fan of you’ll – be it the league of people you’ll invite to speak – be it the arrangements you’ll make for the attendees – be it the networking opportunities you give us!

    I was very inspired by the speakers at the event – across all verticals & genres. The topics of discussion was exactly where I needed help … and seeking answers for all my questions. I esp loved the session by Shalini Singh & the founder of Web TV + Kavitha Jhunjhunwala! Their snippets on how they fought all odds & came out of it was esp useful to me. I could relate to it.

    The fact the Womens Web allows attendees to ask questions & spend time networking is also appreciable. I love all your events Aparna & swear by them! Looking forward to attending some more this year. Thanks a lot to you & your team for bringing such opportunities alive for us.

    Would like to be of help in anyway to your set up – happy to do it. Thank you.

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