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Welcome to
#BreakingBarriers 2022

Join us at Women Breaking Barriers 2022, for women in business!

This year, our theme is Half The Globe, Half The Business.

Women own only 20% of all businesses in India, but we have the capacity to grow this to 50% by enabling more women to start and run successful businesses.


This year, on APRIL 29th, 2022, Friday, we come together to put together our collective experiences and wisdom - together, we will discuss how to demolish the roadblocks to success, how to start a business and adopt a growth mindset as we grow, and how to build our own capacity to fall - and rise again.

At this unique summit for women, every participant gets to share her insights. Let the tribe benefit from your learnings too!

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An introduction to

Women #BreakingBarriers 


Women #BreakingBarriers is a resource and inspiration hub for women, created by Women's Web , India's leading digital platform that enables women to tell their own stories.


Women #BreakingBarriers has been enthusiastically attended each year by women who are are freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-up divas, or women looking to return to work. 

 Over 10000 women have come to Women #BreakingBarriers in the last 5 years and made valuable connections that helped them in their careers. 

What is Women #BreakingBarriers Award?

Women in business are restructuring the business world with their innovative ideas. They are breaking the molds, changing perceptions and leveling the playing field. They are inspiring and encouraging other women to go for their dreams too.

These changemakers must be recognized for all the work that they do.

Women's Web therefore is taking the lead and presenting our first Women #BreakingBarriers Awards. It is an attempt towards recognizing the hard work, dedication and perseverance of women who are leading their businesses to success.

When women make half the population, why not grow this capacity to 50% by enabling more women to start and run successful businesses!

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Women's Web brings you multiple inspirational events and other opportunities to listen, share, and be connected. 

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