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Welcome to
#BreakingBarriers 2023

Join us at Women Breaking Barriers 2023, for women in business!

This year, our theme is DigitALL - Coming together to Innovate! 

The 'ALL' in the DigitALL is around inclusion - it is about how digital can bring down barriers and enable more women to be part of innovation.

This year, we will take Women Breaking Barriers to 7 Indian cities. In Phase I, we covered Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurugram. We are now ready to take the event to Panjim, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai in Phase 2, where we will come and put our collective experiences and wisdom together, and discuss how can we use the digital innovations and leverage it - to grow our business.

At this unique summit for women, every participant gets to share her insights. Let the tribe benefit from your learnings too!

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Time: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

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An introduction to

Women #BreakingBarriers 

Women #BreakingBarriers is a resource and inspiration hub for women, created by Women's Web , India's leading digital platform that enables women to tell their own stories.


Women #BreakingBarriers has been enthusiastically attended each year by women who are are freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-up divas, or women looking to return to work. 

 Over 10000 women have come to Women #BreakingBarriers in the last 8 years and made valuable connections that helped them in their careers. 

About Mahila Money

Mahila Money is a full-stack financial products and services platform offering capital solutions for women entrepreneurs in India.


Mahila Money specialises in offering loans to women who want to grow their own business along with financial literacy resources and community to achieve their financial goals.

The Mahila Money ecosystem is committed towards supporting women’s business growth and increasing their contribution to the GDP by becoming the largest source of productive credit-backed capital for women in business. Bridging women’s growth aspirations by unlocking a wealth of diverse yet tailormade financial opportunities.


About Women's Web

At Women's Web, our mission is to increase participation of Indian women in the paid workforce, by connecting millions of Indian women with the resources, tools and opportunities from enterprises.


We are India's only digital platform that enables women @ work through content and community. Since 2010, Women's Web has grown from being user-generated media platform, to a platform that enables urban women to seek faster success in the early or mid stages of their careers or business.

Women's Web brings you multiple inspirational events and other opportunities to listen, share, and be connected. 

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