Women #BreakingBarriers
April 29th, 2022, Friday

Half The Globe, Half The Business.

Women own only 20% of all businesses in India, but we have the capacity to grow this to 50% by enabling more women to start and run successful businesses. 


This year, on APRIL 29th, 2022, Friday, we come together to put together our collective experiences and wisdom - together, we will discuss how to demolish the roadblocks to success, how to start a business and adopt a growth mindset as we grow, and how to build our own capacity to fall - and rise again.

Every participant at Women #BreakingBarriers 2022 will receive multiple opportunities to network with, be inspired by and share her work with other attendees. 

Register below! 29th April, Fri, 2 - 5 PM, Virtual Conference

Image by Andrew Seaman

Participate in roundtables of your choice & share your own experiences

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Hear insightful speakers, the best in their fields!

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Network & create deeper connections



We are no longer accepting registrations. See you next year!

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